V0: Core Features

LP Staking Farm

A yield farm will be enabled allowing liquidity providers for hord on uniswap (and in future other dexs) to deposit their LP tokens and farm HORD.

NFT Ticket Series for Hord Pools

Champion signup with twitter, then verified on the backend as valid champion identity.
Verified Champions get their premiere ticket creation done for them on the backend, the token_id within the ERC1155 contract for the network will be named: HORD NFT <Champion Name> <Gen1> , with max supply MAX_FUNGIBLE_TICKETS_PER_POOL (3000)
On the backend we will mint for Each verified Champion a fungible token_id within a non fungible ERC1155 contract - Champion Access Ticket Factory (singleton for the network)
Each follower can come and stake HORD_STAKE_FOR_ACCESS_TICKET (3000) HORD for MIN_STAKED_DAYS_ACCESS_TICKET (30) days in the ticket factory, allow you to mint 1 ticket. each ticket for the pool grants access to join the auction for MIN_STAKE_PER_POOL_TICKET (5K$)
A follower that wants to participate has to choose to which HORD NFT he's staking on. A follower can stake 3000 HORD for 30 days and get 1 tickets, or stake 6000 HORD for 30 days and get 2 tickets. When a follower is eligible to mint a ticket, a purchase is made for PURCHASE_PRICE_NFT_TICKET (10) HORD. Which means if a follower staked 3000 HORD for 30 days, and now at day 11 he comes he can claim 1 ticket, and then also withdraw back 2990 HORD (3000 - price of 1 ticket).
The tickets of each HORD NFT tickets series is only good for a specific pool.
For the initial version, we have waived the purchase price, so claiming will be possible with pure stake and the unstake will be of the 100% staked amount. For future versions we'll incorporate the purchase amount.
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LP Staking Farm
NFT Ticket Series for Hord Pools