Technical roadmap

Q1'21 : Foundation:

  • Foundation DAO Congress Contract

  • Foundation Congress Members Registry Contract

  • Pool Token Contracts Infrastructure

  • Core Team Formation

  • MVP documentation

  • Full MVP Design Specification

  • Full MVP Technical Specification

  • Launch Partners and Champions Guild V1

Q2'21 : V0

  • Public Listing of HORD

  • LP Staking - Yield Farming

  • NFT Tickets for Champion Hord Pools

Q3'21 : V1

  • Champion Signup

  • Creating and launching hPools

  • Creation of hPools with entry level pooling only (no option to mint iStock tokens in the middle)

  • Subscribing to hPools

  • Modifying hPools

  • Redeeming hPool Tokens by subscribers

  • Finalization of hPools

  • Static Perpetuity of hPools

  • Allow Creation of hPools with Ethereum only assets

  • Deploy V0 - mid Quarter goal

  • Deploy V1 - end of Quarter goal

Q4'21 : V2

  1. Secondary marketplace for hPool tokens, completely offloading things to layer2, utilizing bleeding edge technology such as STARK-based zk-rollups

  2. Pool / Personal analytics improvement (adding more metrics to track both champions and followers performances)

  3. Launch V2 - end of Q3 goal


  1. Cross-chain underlying assets - V2 - enable more supported chains

  2. Creation of hPools with mint anytime capability

  3. Enable hPools with cross-chain underlying assets

  4. Gamification of DAO-based hPools

  5. Dynamic DAO-based hPool Perpetuity

  6. Support NFT pools + trading